Awakening true potential of leaders with greater self-awareness, compassion and authenticity while driving results with inner confidence and maintaining equanimity


Business and Conscious Leadership Coaching

Preeti is a certified coach who partners with Leaders in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.

Bespoke Programs

Preeti crafts programs that inspires one leader at a time to maximise their true potential whilst having inner confidence and equanimity to inspire and influence others around them to create a thriving environment and dynamic organisation.


Preeti develops and facilitates Masterclasses to create rapid, meaningful and sustainable shifts in mindsets and behaviour. 

Mindfulness for Leaders

Preeti is a meditation and mindfulness teacher, that helps Leaders be and become mindful. A leader can no longer make decisions with a distracted mind, reacting instead of responding. Leader needs to train their minds to lead with focus and clarity.


Preeti Parmar
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I love that you have a gift of pressing and questioning the homogeny I have accepted about myself and the world over time. Although uncomfortable, I found it very useful. In some areas you may not have realised you were questioning them. This made it even more valuable. I forgot how powerful and helpful it can be for someone you trust to ask open questions about why we think and/or do things. ”

Senior Business Leader, NSW Public Service, AUSTRALIA

Preeti Parmar
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“Once I had the discovery call with her it was a no brainer. I needed her support. I came out always feeling really confident and clear about what I need to do next.”

Mining Engineer and Founder, STEM Star Kids, AUSTRALIA

Preeti Parmar
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“Preeti has been a great coach. She listens and applies her idiosyncratic flair to challenge me in the right way to move me forward. Her background gives her a strong base and she is a lovely person to be around as well. Would definitely recommend Preeti as a coach.”


Preeti Parmar
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“Preeti always puts focus on me at the center in our coaching session so that
I am able to explore myself more. It made me be aware more deeply and precisely
who I am and what I feel about myself.
Her holistic coaching offers me to open up my mind in order to move forward to achieve my goals. ”

Personal Coach and Horoscope Therapist, JAPAN