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Dear Preeti


I cannot thank you enough for taking me through your program.


I found the tools you used to be really well targeted for my situation and allowed me to reflect on and build a profile to confirm my values and guide future actions.


You let me get away with just enough not to be too tough. I loved that you called my behaviour when I focused on everyone else and not on myself.


I love that you have a gift of pressing and questioning the homogeny I have accepted about myself and the world over time. Although uncomfortable, I found it very useful. In some areas you may not have realised you were questioning them. This made it even more valuable. I forgot how powerful and helpful it can be for someone you trust to ask open questions about why we think and/or do things.


Your caring nature and commitment to living an authentic life comes through in your work.


It has been a privilege and honour to work with you over these last weeks. As you know there is a lot going on and your work has kept me focused and grounded as I move toward the next phase of my life. I will be very happy if I can provide the level of support to others as you have provided to me.


Once again - the tools you chose were effective and useful and your level of commitment to being a wonderful human being shone through in your work.


Thank you so much


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