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Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos


Group Coaching Program

Embrace the Shadow and Light through the Tantric Divine

Join my 12-week 'WE RISE' Group Coaching Program

to explore the archetypes and tools that will transform your thinking and change your relationship with your own energy. 



"The path by which we fall is the path by which we rise"


Sally Kempton



I teach powerful concepts driven out of the yogic tradition called TANTRA.


We explore the feminine and masculine aspects of the Tantric Divine. Focus on the 10 Archetypes of the Wisdom Goddess (Dasa Mahavidya). The Wisdom Goddesses represent the two faces of the cosmic creation, the shadow and light, which are the faces of our own psyche. By embracing the shadow and light of our unique experience we open up the gateway to unlimited growth and potential. 


Tantra a Gateway to Wonder and Delight 

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 11.18.50

Mahavidya Series 1 by Rashmi Thirtha

Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 9.04.35 am.png

Kali Yantra by Britt Kuechenmeister 


Start this 1 September 2021  

Webinars run Wednesday at 7 pm (AEST)


15 September FIRST WEBINAR

29 September   

13 October   

27 October 

10 November



HOW does it work? 

There are 6 Modules and 6 Live Zoom Webinars 

  • You have 2 weeks to complete your module before the Live Zoom Webinar 

  • You will have access to a Private WhatsApp Group, where you can ask questions anytime

  • You will be able to transform the way you think OR enjoy exploring the tantric philosophy behind the 10 Wisdom Goddesses

  • You will be able to take away practices that will support you as you navigate through life. Notice how these archetypes show up for you in life!     

WHAT is covered?

  • Feminine and Masculine aspects of the Tantric Divine 

  • Tantric Metaphysics

  • Archetypes of the 10 Wisdom Goddesses 

  • Interconnected shadow and light characteristics of our psyche

  • Application to our own psyche   

  • Powerful Mantras and Yantras

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 4.40.01 pm.png

Sakti - The Creative Consciousness by Rashmi Thirtha 

WHAT do you get? BENEFITS and APPLICATION to daily life  


  • 6 webinars delivered over zoom

  • One private 1:1 session prior to the first webinar to understand your personal needs

  • Access to all materials for life; these include meditations, video content and much more 

  • Form a deep connection to your inner and outer world  

  • Learn to embrace your shadows as a stepping stone for unlimited growth and potential   

  • Develop an attitude of empowerment and nonrejection

  • Connect and network with like-minded people looking to embrace their armour of shadows and move into their light 

  • A toolkit of practices including meditations that can be used again and again to support you in your life journey beyond the course  

Are YOU ready to 'Embrace the Shadow and Light through the Tantric Divine? 


ZOOM meetings every fortnight 

Course material delivered over weblinks

Private WhatsApp mentoring group for the duration of the course

Cost to joining $89AUD per fortnight (invoiced fortnightly - total investment $534AUD) or $499 paid upfront 

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