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Bespoke Programs - Leadership Programs 

Preeti crafts programs that inspires one leader at a time to maximise their true potential whilst have inner confidence and equanimity to inspire and influence others around them to create a thriving environment and dynamic organisation.


Preeti Parmar
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I love that you have a gift of pressing and questioning the homogeny I have accepted about myself and the world over time. Although uncomfortable, I found it very useful. In some areas you may not have realised you were questioning them. This made it even more valuable. I forgot how powerful and helpful it can be for someone you trust to ask open questions about why we think and/or do things. ”

Senior Business Leader, NSW Public Service, AUSTRALIA

Preeti Parmar
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“Once I had the discovery call with her it was a no brainer. I needed her support. I came out always feeling really confident and clear about what I need to do next.”

Mining Engineer and Founder, STEM Star Kids, AUSTRALIA

Preeti Parmar
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“Preeti has been a great coach. She listens and applies her idiosyncratic flair to challenge me in the right way to move me forward. Her background gives her a strong base and she is a lovely person to be around as well. Would definitely recommend Preeti as a coach.”


Preeti Parmar
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“Preeti always puts focus on me at the center in our coaching session so that
I am able to explore myself more. It made me be aware more deeply and precisely
who I am and what I feel about myself.
Her holistic coaching offers me to open up my mind in order to move forward to achieve my goals. ”

Personal Coach and Horoscope Therapist, JAPAN