What are you committed to? Commitment drives Behaviours

What are you committed to

What are you committed to?

Commitment drives behaviour. So what are you committed to… what behaviours are you displaying?

If I was to flip this to myself, what am I committed to in terms of my physical mental, emotional, spiritual, professional and financial growth to name a few... I do wonder… What behaviours do I display to show my commitment to these areas of my growth? For example, one of my growth areas is to become physically strong. So for me to show my commitment to this growth area, the behaviour I need to demonstrate or show is that I am taking the steps to get stronger, which could mean, I am training to get physically strong or I have a coach that supports me in getting stronger. For me, I have a four-day week training program that supports me in getting stronger and I thrive doing these 4 days in a week. 

The same principles apply to any areas of growth you are looking at.

CONTEMPLATE: So, what are you committed to? Are your behaviours aligned with your commitment? 

DOING AND BEING: Observe your behaviours, are they in alignment with what you are committed to? If not, what behaviours do you need to start, stop, or do less or more of to show your commitment? 

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