The power of rest and retreat when feeling meh! Personal reflections (raw and unedited)

the power of rest and retreat when feeling meh!

The power of rest and retreat when feeling meh! Personal reflections (raw and unedited) 

In the last month or so I have been feeling like I needed to retreat more, needed to bring some more rest into my life. Rest to overcome the busyness of life. Everyone is busy with work, family relationships, whatever that may look like for you.

My inner calling was to slow down… rest… retreat… essential to do less to do more. On reflection my self-care practices had dropped, energy levels were swaying, and my natural state of calm and equanimity was getting a hit… it was truly uncomfortable, my performance was impacted, and relationships swayed (it showed up in many ways not fully wanting to engage in life, sense of overwhelm, fear, self-care declined like training, connecting with nature, not eating well. Does this resonate for anyone??)

Something had to give, something had to change. It was up to me to make the change!

 It was time to rest!

 I’m listened to my inner calling, resting, and retreating where I can. It is genuinely supporting me to low down, helping create white space to reflect, on what truly matters to me, really honing into my values, what balance looks like and means for me, where essentially, I want to focus my energy.

As an introvert I have realised I need to create white space for me to rest, the power of rest is non-negotiable. The power of rest helps me to be more effective in life (or is it really happiness that drives this?!). For me, it’s the balance of solitude and deep connection with others. The balance of paradoxes we are faced with…

As I write this… I’m still in the mode of rest… I’m here to learn… I am so so a work in progress…

My final thoughts: The power of rest creates space that enables us to return to our true nature… true nature of happiness, bliss… this is where our potential lies!      


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